Hoods With Make-Up Air

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mod. VBCI
Single-unit construction (VBCI 18) or modular (VBCI 22, 26, 32).
Fully welded perimeter duct with internal parts folded over for cut protection.
Frontal part equipped with a special diffuser on request * for compensation air distribution.
Damper for the regulation of compensation air introduced into the environment.
Damper for regulating the induction flow.
Device for regulating the induction launch.
Labyrinth filters 400 × 500 (VBCE 18 and 22) in stainless steel AISI 304, with nominal flow rate of 700 m3 / h per filter.
Labyrinth filters 400 × 500 (VBCE 26 and 32) in stainless steel AISI 304, with nominal flow rate of 900 m3 / h per filter.
Static pressure drop: intake 70 Pa – inlet 50 Pa.
Formed drip troughs for grease collection.
Drain cock for grease draining.
Recessed lighting with two pipe lamps, class IP65.
Quoting of customized hoods on request.
* Environment air supply diffuser + 5%
The MIXAIR hoods VBPI model uses both outside temperature and treated air for the intake to compensate for the air extracted from to the kitchen area and from the heated and conditioned adjacent rooms.
With the MIXAIR hoods, the outside air inlet, which can reach up to 90% of the intake rating, is conveniently divided and regulated by internal dampers between the hood induction and compensation in the environment.
The induction air is conveyed inside the hood and directed towards the filter area.
The speed of this air flow, duly calibrated and addressed by internal devices, causes a depression in the area under the hood which results in a high draw of the smoke and fumes toward the filters.
In this way, it increases the density of the aspirated fumes, improving the intake efficiency.