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Have you ever entered into a medium-large kitchen where you see the various work areas covered mostly by large hoods? They take away space, brightness and functionality to the kitchen! Indeed, this is why, for years, Airveber has been developing a practical alternative which eliminates all those disadvantages. The Airveber ventilated ceiling avoids, first of all, the troublesome currents that are created within the kitchens where extractor hoods are installed. It is a matter of fact that the aspiration of a hood is only limited above the cooking area and, in some cases, the grease fumes escaping from the hood are no longer intercepted and deposit on the kitchen impregnating the environment of unpleasant odors and smearing lights and overlying objects. The ventilated ceiling, thanks to its “interception chambers” characteristic, allows the extracted fumes, if not picked up to 100%, to flow in a natural manner into the subsequent “interception chamber” avoiding that the smoke spreads into the environment.


Better hygiene
Another important factor that we can guarantee with an Airveber ventilated ceiling is the maximum hygiene within the workplace. Thanks to the higher height of installation, compared to the traditional hoods, the thermal convection current is mixed with the fresh air of the room reducing in a consistent manner the formation of grease that would go to impact the structure above the cooking area. Another advantage of hygiene is the structure of the ventilated ceiling that is completely in AISI 316 steel that completely covers the entire perimeter of the kitchen and is also easy to clean fully respecting the HACCP protocols in terms of hygiene and safety.


Cost Savings
Another feature of the Airveber ceiling fan is the saving compared to a conventional system with make-up air. At an initial assessment, the ventilated ceiling might seem more expensive. But, after careful consideration, we realize that it is not: – First it reduces the electricity costs; thanks to its geometry it reduces the flow rates using smaller machines with motors that consume less electricity. – Second it eliminates any type of lighting system being already integrated in the Airveber ceiling. – Third thing it eliminates the heating and cooling systems, already built in the Airveber ceiling fan. – Fourth, the possibility to change the air extraction zones, in case it is decided to modify the underlying cooking groups, which, in case of traditional system, should be completely replaced.