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The olfactory pollution is increasingly becoming a problem that has no easy solutions. The use of machines for air treatment technology with active carbon, synthetic filters, bag filters and electrostatic filters, provides a partial solution to the problem. Moreover, these types of machines have an efficiency which decreases with time due to the accumulation of grease, dust and odors.

UV technology, applied to the industrial catering sector, has led to the emergence of a highly efficient system for the removal of odors and grease. The UV hoods host inside UV-C lamps, the light emitted by the lamps in a specific range of wavelength (254 nm) transforms the oxygen into ozone through a photochemical reaction. By using UV technology systems it is possible to break down 80% of odors and 99% of grease.

Moreover, hygiene standards rise since ozone prevents the formation of germs and grease on the plenum walls protecting them from deterioration. Another considerable advantage of the UV-C system is undoubtedly the possibility to operate even where it is not possible to install a chimney. In fact, thanks to the treatment that occurs naturally without the use of chemicals, with this system, the use of a chimney to vent the smoke is not required.